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Do I Need Crating Services?

If you’re transporting fragile or expensive items, crating services in Huntington Beach, CA, are the best option. WrapIt PackIt ShipIt is here to provide smooth transportation. In our 40+ years of experience, professional crating services remain the most cost-efficient and secure solution when shipping any item. Proof of this is our dozens of clients that trust our crating services.
Shipping can be an expensive and complicated process, that’s why we do most of the work for you. We offer our crating services in Huntington Beach, CA, for any shipment that you need to transport. We also cater to emergency or rush shipping!
Our on-site crating facility is well-managed and kept by our logistics experts. We handle each shipment with care because we know that every item is an investment. Instead of bringing your shipment to us, we will be the one to deliver the crating supplies. Our team will also handle the crating, loading, and transporting of the shipment for seamless delivery wherever you are in Huntington Beach, CA.

How do crating services work?

Crating services in Huntington Beach, CA, are used on heavy, fragile, and high-value shipments. The wooden crate offers the best protection against outdoor elements, impact, and potential tampering. With our professional crating services, we will be the one to crate your item and load it in our trucks for delivery.
Over the years, our crating services have successfully delivered expensive musical instruments, heavy equipment, high-end motorcycles, rare sculptures, and the likes. This is evidence that crating is more than just putting your shipment in a box. We tailor each crate for your shipment with the utmost protection Huntington Beach, CA.